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Aurora from the plane by Paul Williams

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To this very day, no one can oppose the beating of two Klingon hearts.
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kate mulgrew in the workforce 2-parter

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Classification: Constitution Class
    U.S.S Enterprise


Classification: Constitution Class
U.S.S Enterprise

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sausage finger sisters 5ever


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I’m so used to hearing people call Janeway “Captain”, “Sir” or “Ma’am” on the show that the one time someone actually called her “Kate”, I went:

Wait a minute, that’s the actress’s name not the charact—

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Saturn’s Rings
Credit: NASA Cassini, Gordon Ugarkovic

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Agent Carter Panel at San Diego Comic Con

There were exactly four people who got to ask questions during this panel

All four were women

Three of them were dressed as Agent Carter

And they all asked questions surrounding the fact that they loved hearing the story of a strong woman like Agent Carter in a world that seems to exclusively show the stories of strong men

 So if you were wondering why this show is a big deal: That’s why.

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