Melissa. 26. French girl. Also known as Ems because an awesome person decided that was how it was going to be.

The Leslie to my Ann.

Multifandom blog. Enter at your own risk. Currently in space with the Voyager crew and playing Captain Proton with Tom Paris.

Worshipper of awesome ladies. The list could go on forever. Klingons 5ever. TOM PARIS NEED I SAY MORE. Has also a thing for gruff 50-something sheriffs with deep husky sexy voices and cowboy hats. Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi own her soul. Does Bridget Regan teach how to hairporn and if so, where do the fangirls sign in. OH AND DEBRA MORGAN JUST WENT FOR A SWIM OKAY. Uses too much capslock THIS IS BECOMING A REAL PROBLEM LBR. Is extremely emotional over her otps and brotps and hairporn and fightporn and scenery porn and this is really rain on her face, not ugly tears. Why is she talking about herself in the third person, she doesn't even wanna know.

The Honeymooners | a Chuck/Sarah fanmix

01. Bright Pink Bookmark | Frightened Rabbit

02. No Cars Go | Arcade Fire

03. Sex Tourists | French Kicks

04. Ceremony | New Order

05. You Are My High | Demon vs Heartbreaker

06. Midnight City | M83

07. Your Hand in Mine | Explosions in the Sky

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